Treating Knee Pain in Noosa and Sunshine Coast

In January 2016, Patient A arrived at our clinic in Noosa, Sunshine Coast complaining of left sided knee pain. His presentation was very typical for a relatively fit man in his early sixties. The pain was on the inside or medial compartment of the left knee. The patient had no history of trauma and said that the knee pain had been getting worse over the past 3 weeks and tended to hurt only with certain movements. He felt that his knee was weak and might buckle or lock up at any point.

As Osteopaths, our method of diagnosis consists of taking a thorough case history, observing the patient walk, then asking them to actively move the affected joint(s) and then finally to passively examine the affected area(s). In Patient A’s case, he had full active and passive range of motion in his left knee. Where was the pain coming from? On further examination, he had an extremely stiff and almost immobile left hip joint. Treatment of left hip mobilization and traction was performed and Patient A returned 3 days later reporting that he was 50% better. After two further treatments, and a total of 10 days later, the knee pain had gone. Patient A was given various exercises, as well as diet and lifestyle advice to reduce the probability of this problem returning.

knee-pain-osteo-xrayThis patient is very typical in that he presented with knee pain that was not being caused by the knee itself. X-rays of patients over the age of 50 often show signs of wear and tear or osteoarthritis, but this finding is not always the current cause of their pain or discomfort. Painkillers would have helped reduce the symptoms for Patient A of course but would not have resolved his complaint. In some cases, patients do present with advanced osteoarthritis of a particular joint or region and Osteopaths will then refer them on to an appropriate party such as an orthopaedic surgeon for further evaluation.

For the vast majority, gentle Osteopathic techniques will fix your knee pain. As cited here, the problem may not be originating from the knee itself and may be pain referred from above at the hip/pelvis/lumbar spine or below at the foot/ankle.

If you are not getting relief from your knee pain or have been told it is old age or arthritis and that you just have to live with it and take analgesics when required and you are not happy with the situation then please give us a call at Noosa Osteopathy on (07) 5455 3882 and we will gladly help you get the right treatment and the right result.

Dr. Matthew J. Levitt BSc (Hons) Ost


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